About MDJO

Mdjo Van Der Wal is a mixed media artist who works in digital collages with photos and other materials.

Mdjo usually has a vision in mind for the work .The final pic is what Mdjo had in mind from the start. Every piece of work is a direct reflection of Mdjo and says something about the artist. Mdjo also enjoys cats, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, some music, and a little bit of tango.

Your photo in a MDJO mixed media work!

If you send a photo (cat, family, yourself, etc ...) MDJO might be able to incorporate it into a mixed media artwork. You only pay 2 coffee ... ($3 per coffee ... total $6) Please mail a good photo to mdjo@johnmuseum.com...

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Let's explain some pics!!!

.My father in the Haarlemmerhout .... I made this picture of my father on a summer day ... When he died a few years ago ... I found the picture ... changed the summer in autumn. .and painted more trees .




This pic is called 'Vera and Famke in Teletubbyland' ... My daughters used to talk about how they could go to Teletubbyland with me ... I have never been there! They have...on this pic!



This pic is called 'Biot cat' ..... I used a holiday photo made in the France town Biot ... The cat I added later... just like the 'do not disturb text' .... You should NEVER disturb sleeping cats ! They WILL disturb you at 4 o'clock at night!


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I started as a designer of greeting cards ...

Later it was painting ...



Enough about me....


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